SEIS for the West Valley Site Documents

Documents related to the SEIS for the West Valley Site for downloading or online browsing.

The Draft and Final SEIS documents, the Notice of Availability, the Record of Decision, references cited in the Draft and Final SEIS documents, and related documents will be available for downloading and browsing when they are published.

The following documents are in PDF format, which requires the free Adobe Acrobat Reader. Some documents are large and may involve long download times. Adobe Acrobat Reader Link    

Scoping Meeting Materials

Notice of Intent


NYSERDA Final Draft Scope

Notice of Intent and Draft Scope  

Announcement in the Federal Register  and Environmental Notice Bulletin  of the extension of the end of the scoping period.

2010 Final EIS

Site Data

Radioactive Waste Categories and Classifications

DOE M 435.1-1, Chg 1  , Radioactive Waste Management Manual
U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission definitions at 10 CFR 61.55   (followed by New York State)

Other Information

Phase 1 Studies  
DOE West Valley website   (including quarterly public meetings)
NYSERDA West Valley website  (including the 2016 Annual Report for the State-Licensed Disposal Area)
West Valley Citizen Task Force   (including task force meetings)